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Z-ULTRAT only available at Zortrax. Z-ULTRAT is the versatile materials that lets you prototype models with features of products manufactured using injection molding technology, all in-house

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At the beginning, it is important to conform our abilities with tools that will give us everything that’s needed to start. Z-ABS is just like that - great for printing concept models, mockups, gadgets, or figurines. Choose from a wide range
of colors to catch the attention to your project. Z-ABS will be your good comrade through the journey of entering the 3D printing world.

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f you ever wanted to make things that imitate glass, now it’s the right time. With Z-GLASS, you’re receiving the ability to make an exact replica of
your project, even when it comes to translucent structures. Its light-transmitting surface makes it applicable in automotive, industrial design, and architecture projects. Unfold the imagination of
your customers.

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Use Z-HIPS to singificantly reduce
warping and visibly shorten the time you’re spending on post-processing. The material has a unique mat tructure that absorbs light and reduces the visibility of minor flaws. It’s great for printing bigger part, housing or architectural prototypes.

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Designing and prototyping are demanding. They’re all about right choices. That’s why it’s so important to use durable material like Z-PETG.
It’s highly resistant to salts, acids, and alkalis. The models will have a glossy surface that is also resistant to impact, time, and UV light. Now, you can create diverse and challenging parts.

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Z-PCABS emerged from combining two durable materials. Therefore it’s durable and impact resistant, suited for producing casings. It’s also resistant to temperatures, UV lights, and chemicals. The resistance
made it a great material for automotive. Now, you can heat up your prototype with no consequences.

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Biodegradable material with smooth mat surface and reduced shrinkage, ideal for models with intricate shapes and multiple details.

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Z-ASA Pro is the top choice for all models that are to withstand changing weather conditions. Due to its high resistance to UV light, humidity, heat and also chemicals like salts, acids and alkalis the material is suitable for most of the outdoor applications and various functional prototypes. 

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