Make Your ideas Colorful with MakerPi 

Single Color - Dual Colors - Mixed Colors - Dual Layers
One Printer Four Outcomes
Different from normal Dual extruder printer, MakerPi M2030X capable to print four type of outcomes. Users can set the type of outcome in the software.

Mixed Colors

Dual Colors or Filaments

able to print PVA (dissolvable filament) as support

Layer Dual Colors

Single Colors

Single Nozzle but Function as Dual Nozzle
Facing dual nozzle problem - the nozzle hitting the item while the other nozzle is printing the item? With MakerPi M2030X, users can avoid this situation from happening when printing dual colors as it has only one nozzle! The photos below show that there is two color filaments as input but one nozzle print the output:

Change Filament in Mid of Printing

Print Resume After Power Outage

Realise not enough filament to last for the print while printing? No worry, there is a pause button which allow users change new roll of filament in mid printing..
No worry on the printing stop as the print will continue until it finish even power  outage.

Build Volume



50-300 microns